California-Based Salesforce Pledges To Help Employees Relocate Out Of Texas Over Abortion Law

Texans would love nothing more than for Californians to go back to California. Still, if Larry Elder takes the recall election, they’ll be stuck in limbo, and that’s not good for them, theoretically.

Salesforce, a San Francisco, California-based software company, pledges to help employees move out of Texas because of the Texas abortion restriction, which means that the individuals who want to move will be moving for a particular reason and will expect that same treatment again. Just like a child, if they can get one piece of candy, they’ll want another.

It establishes a risky precedent for the corporation. What happens when a conservative wants to leave California because of their gun policies? If the company doesn’t oblige, that’s political discrimination and could land the company in a lot of legal trouble.

The company said, “These are incredibly personal issues that directly impact many of us, especially women. We understand and value the fact that each of us has deeply held and diverse viewpoints. As a company, we support all of our female employees at Salesforce and around the world. Having said that, if you are concerned about access to reproductive healthcare in your state, Salesforce will assist you and members of your immediate family in relocating.”

It’s important to note that Texas didn’t ban abortion. Texas put restrictions on a women’s ability to have an abortion after the child has a heartbeat. That’s not unreasonable in any way.

It isn’t the first time the firm has gotten involved in politics. In 2015 Salesforce banned travel to Indiana when the Religious Freedom Restoration Act gave states the right to choose if they provide marriage between people of the same gender licenses.

Uber and Lyft also vowed to pay legal fees to any of their drivers that work in Texas. Would they pay the fines of someone caught with a pistol brace after the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms outlaws them? Probably not. I’m not sure who would want to work for these companies if their political bias discriminated against employees who don’t believe the same thing as they do. People’s political opinions change constantly, and a year down the road, an employee may change their beliefs and regret taking the job. Just stay away now.