California Bill Allows Children As Young As 12 To Get Vaccinated Without Parents’ Consent

On Thursday, the California State Senate passed Senate Bill 866, according to which school children as young as 12 years old will be allowed to consent to getting vaccination at the school without the consent or permission of their parents. The bill, is popularly referred to as the “Teens Choose Vaccines Act”.

Parents have been protesting against unfair laws that take away their rights as the primary caretakers of their children. This wave of protests is taking over California as the parents across the state have also started mobilizing to counter such laws being passed by counties and states.

For years, the state of California has been trying to weaken the authority that parents have over their children. It already has problematic legislation which allows students to avail birth control and abortions without their parent’s knowledge.

Parents are severly disregarded by California’s legislatures that schools continue to teach children about sex education and critical race theory, and parents can do virtually nothing about it. Now that the pandemic has become everyone’s favorite scapegoat, they are using it to relinquish a parent’s control over their children’s vaccination.

Even within the bill, the sponsor of the legislature, Scott Wiener (D-CA), a state senator in the state’s legislature, pointed out the problem with the parents. The said problem was that California does not allow children aged 12-17 to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent unless the vaccine is being used to prevent STDs.

The bill identifies the parents as the real problem, making them second-class citizens who are far too naive to realize what is best for their kids.

Moreover, Weiner also stated that the children should have the right to give consent to medical procedures even secretly, as in many cases the parents are willingly neglecting the medical needs of their children. This is precisely why the bill was introduced.

It was also stated that children from low-income households often go through long waiting periods to get vaccinated because of the long working hours of their parents, so the authority to get vaccinated should lie with the child.

The GOP contender for California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lance Christensen, believes that the Democrats are trying to make a dystopian world where children are pawns of the state and cogs that fit in a machine. He encouraged parents to protest against such bills which are taking away their authority over their own children.

Christensen added that parents should clarify that they are not looking to co-parent their children with the state. The bill will reach an assembly committee soon for review. Christensen suggested that the parents should take their concerns to the committee Democrats and express how they felt.