California Democrat Vows To Punish Any Delegate Aiding Anti-Israel Protest

On Sunday, the chairman of the California Democratic Party (CDP) promised that any delegate who aided a group of anti-Israel protesters in interrupting a party convention on Saturday would face consequences.

CDP chairman Rusty Hicks, a former union leader, revealed that an investigation has been launched into the disruptive protests that prompted officials to cancel several events at the party convention in Sacramento for security reasons.

“Any delegates who actively participated in or aided the furtherance of those activities or events in violation of our party’s code of conduct will be held accountable,” Hicks reportedly told members, according to Politico.

Hundreds of pro-Palestine and anti-Israel protesters forced their way into the convention at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center on Saturday — disrupting events and screaming demands for a “ceasefire” in Gaza as Israeli forces continue their effort to eliminate Hamas terrorists from the area in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack in Israel.

The demonstrators also gathered in the streets of Sacramento after interrupting the convention, where they continued to chant in support of a ceasefire.

According to Politico, Hicks said that he was “deeply saddened and disappointed” by the disruption — pointing out that two security guards had been injured by protesters and noting that Jewish attendees had been “openly intimidated and harassed.”

“Every delegate, volunteer, staff person, and attendee has the right to be safe and to feel safe in the peaceful expression of their own voice and viewpoint,” he added.

The CDP’s code of conduct explicitly prohibits harassment, and violations “may result in sanctions including but not limited to private censure, public censure, being prohibited from attending Party events, and removal from a CDP office and/or delegate status.”

The California Legislative Jewish Caucus condemned the demonstrations in a statement, citing the protesters’ calls for the eradication of Israel.

“Anti-Israel protesters stormed the Sacramento Convention Center and shut down the grassroots California Democratic Party Convention. In doing so, they chanted, among other things, ‘from the river to the sea,’ which is a call for the eradication of the State of Israel,” the statement read.

They went on to point to another chant from the protesters — “resistance is justified when people are occupied” — noting that this chant is explicitly justifying the mass murder of more than 1,400 Israelis, most of whom were civilians, by Hamas on October 7.

“A number of Jewish delegates — who were already very anxious attending the convention, given the spike in antisemitism since the October 7 massacre by Hamas — now believe it is unsafe to participate at all. We must never allow the Democratic Party to be unsafe for anyone,” the statement continued. “We fully support the right to protest loudly and vociferously. But storming through security and shutting down a democratic process — particularly with chants calling for the destruction of Israel and appearing to justify the Hamas attack — is completely unacceptable.”