California Democrats Are Going to Bankrupt Their State

Gas prices are continuing to climb in the United States.

Contrary to what the president and his White House want Americans to believe, this isn’t about the war being waged against Ukraine. It’s about Biden’s gutting of the US energy sector and his refusal to roll back his anti-energy policies.

In reaction to sky-high prices of gas, states like Georgia and Maryland have temporarily halted the statewide gas taxes. This is designed to provide relief to everyday Americans who are finding it increasingly harder to afford transportation in this country.

Unfortunately, California is taking the polar opposite approach, a decision that’s going to have dire consequences, as documented by Red State.

The Worst Move California Democrats Ever Made

In some parts of California, people are having to pay $10.00 per gallon for gas. This is not a joke, but it is quickly weeding out the middle class.

Due to where gas prices currently stand in California, a GOP state lawmaker proposed legislation that would end the state’s gas tax of $0.51. Quite frankly, with gas prices in the state reaching $10.00 per gallon in certain communities, this honestly the least the state could do.

However, California Democrats took the proposed bill to end the state’s gas tax and instead switched it into a tax increase bill. This tax hike implemented by California Democrats is going to hit the state’s gas suppliers, thus leading to even higher gas costs for residents.

No Hope for California

If there was ever a time for California Democrats to take a break from their policies of high taxes, now would be the time.

In the wake of the state’s Democrats refusing to roll back the gas tax, much of the country is shaking their heads and wondering why.

On social media, California Democrats are being accused of intentionally trying to make life worse for the people unfortunate enough to live under their leadership.

All things considered, California may have very much reached the point of no return. This new tax hike is likely to pass the state legislature and then be signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA).

Poor leadership such as this is a stark reminder why record numbers of people and businesses fled California last year. Apparently, Democrats in the state haven’t learned their lesson or figured out they should be doing things differently.

At the rate things are going, life for middle-class Californians is going to get even more challenging and unaffordable.