California Has Ensured Its Demise

Earlier this month, a study run by Cato Institute cited California as the third least free state in America. When you look at California, its leaders, and the policies in place, this doesn’t come as a shock.

California has become a big government, biomedical dystopia. Individuals in the so-called Golden State cannot enter bars, spas, gyms, and other indoor arenas without showing their COVID vaccination papers.

On top of this, California is facing unprecedented, surging crime rates. It is due to a series of factors, including the state defunding law enforcement, letting criminals out of prison, and also having borderline nonexistent cash bail laws.

It spells disaster when you add this all up, as one might imagine. As RedState reports, more people than ever are now getting out of California while they still can.

Every day, individuals leave California for states like Florida and Texas, as are businesses, CEOs, and more.

Elon Musk recently transferred Tesla from California to Texas. Political commentator Dave Rubin recently announced that he’s leaving California for Florida. YouTube political commentator Blaire White also left the Golden State for Texas. The examples are endless; they’re also a reflection of what a mess California has become.

As September 2021 concluded, the California Police Lab learned about the 38% drop in individuals moving to the state. Meanwhile, there was a 12% rise in California residents leaving for greener pastures.

Suffice it to say, as California loses residents, and they are also losing businesses, workers, taxpayers, goods and services, etc. It will only further advance the downward spiral this leftist state has created for itself.

In light of the mass departures from California, many Americans wonder if the state will eventually get the message and make some changes. Unfortunately, this seems to be more wishful thinking than anything else.

Earlier this year, California was given a chance to turn things around by ousting Gavin Newsom during the recall election. Yet, the state dropped the ball by widely voting to keep Newsom in office.

At some point, elections have consequences, especially when these elections entail Democrats repeatedly being voted into office. California as a whole doesn’t see any issues with what’s happening.

The sensible people in California appear to be making their departures, thus leaving the state to those with no issues with crime, medical mandates, rampant homelessness, heroin needles in the street, etc.

In light of everything that’s happened, the continued demise of California is all but imminent.