California Has Some Explaining To Do

California is one of the least free states in the entire nation. The so-called Golden State has thoroughly chosen to embrace COVID vaccine passport programs. Vaccine passports require anyone in California to show their vaccination papers to enter most indoor spaces.

The leaders of California don’t see anything wrong with this. They claim it’s all about health and safety. They’re also of the view that anyone who opposes vaccine mandates or otherwise refuses to take the COVID vaccine needs to be booted from society altogether.

California is furthermore all-in with face mandates as well. With all of these restrictions, one might believe the Golden State is safe and sound from COVID or any of its subsequent variants. However, this is not the case.

As Twitchy reports, despite all of California’s vaccine passports and mask mandates, none of them barred the Omicron variant of COVID from making its way into the state.

Reports from the Center for Disease Control revealed the omicron variant’s first appearance in the United States happened in California. Some who returned to the state from a South Africa trip started feeling unwell.

Later, this person took a test and returned positive for the omicron variant. It’s also worth noting this individual was wholly vaccinated. Yet, this isn’t something the pro-mandate crowd is too eager to draw attention to.

With this news breaking, many Americans are now questioning how this variant emerged in California (especially in someone who was vaccinated entirely), considering all the bio-medical restrictions the state has implemented.

Thus far, there’s been no sound answer to questions of this nature. People are just being told to get their booster shots and keep wearing masks. None of it makes sense. However, this new COVID variant has given leftists an excuse to push for more control and more mandates.

California has spent as much time as possible talking about how its restrictions are science-based and for people’s health. Yet, this narrative is disproven by the reality that a COVID variant emerged in the state and an individual wholly vaccinated against the virus.

California is tightly under the thumb of leftist control. Therefore, the dystopian levels of control are not going anywhere anytime soon. They may very well increase, with this new variant being used as an excuse to crack down on more freedoms.

California residents will likely keep voting for Democrats, ensuring more of the same tyranny despite all of this.