California Is Now A Dystopian Sci-Fi Movie Come To Life

Many Americans are aware of dystopian movies where citizens in the future are forced to live under totalitarian and oppressive regimes. The dystopian genre has become more well-known in recent years, although in some cases, the works of a horrible future are becoming less and less removed from reality.

Right now in America, there are forces at work that genuinely want to morph the United States into a dystopian sci-fi movie turned into real life. People like Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, etc., want to use COVID to implement as much government control as possible. They’re also becoming more unhinged and furious as Americans push back and decide enough is enough.

In certain parts of the nation, however, a dystopian reality is already present. Santa Cruz County, California, is one unfortunate example, as documented by the National Review.

On Monday, officials in Santa Cruz County, California, declared individuals are mandated to wear face masks wherever they are, even when they’re inside of their private residences. Officials implemented this fascist medical mandate due to surging COVID cases in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Officials in the county are now declaring the “winter surge” is among them. Yet, these are the same officials who claimed months ago that the almighty COVID vaccine was the solution to the virus.

Yet, with all the mask mandates, COVID vaccine mandates, and COVID vaccine passports, none of it is stopping the virus. Logic would dictate that what health officials are doing isn’t working. However, none of this is about logic, science, or reason. It’s about control, tyranny, and power.

Democrat leadership and leftist control are rampant in the state of California. It explains why many people and businesses which can afford to leave the state have already done so.

As sad as this may be, it may be too late for California. Months ago, the state’s residents had a chance to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat. Yet, Californians voted for him to remain in office.

It isn’t just about the governor, though. California also continues to vote for Democrat leaders at the local levels. As the San Francisco Bay area struggles with COVID, they are also amidst a looting crisis.

This looting crisis is leading to stores closing down and store employees being injured on the job. Meanwhile, not a single leader in San Francisco or the greater California area has put together a comprehensive plan to bring this to a halt.

Dystopia is alive and well in California today.