California is Quickly Losing Residents

The state of California has many issues that have been left unsolved for quite some time. Crime continues to fester, as does homelessness, anti-police policies, and higher living costs.

Even with inflation and energy prices going through the roof, the state of California isn’t doing anything to make life easier for the people who live there. In fact, the California state legislature actually opted to increase the state’s gas tax.

Despite all the work that California needs to do, the state’s governor has a tendency to take shots at Republican and GOP-led states, notably Florida.

Meanwhile, the population of California is getting steadily smaller, according to The Blaze.

Bad News For the Golden State

2021 marked the second year in a row that California lost more residents than it accumulated. The factors driving the state’s shrinking population include less births, more deaths, and more people moving to other states.

Of course, for the people leaving California, the situations motivating them include expensive living costs, COVID restrictions, crime, homelessness, etc. In light of these details, one might imagine that California would have a wake-up call, but that has yet to occur.

The loss of California’s population is now starting to impact the state on a federal level. Due to the decline in residents, the Golden State actually lost one US House seat.

If California continues driving more people out of its state, its economy and other systems will suffer. Of course, the legislature will likely try to make up for this with higher taxes, just as they’ve done with gas.

The Decline of Blue States

Blue states like California ultimately made their beds; now, they have to lie in them.

The consequences of mass crime mean that people who are capable of moving out will do so. The same also applies to businesses that aren’t interested in being looted, vandalized, or otherwise subjected to the whims of criminals.

Each election cycle, the state of California has the option to vote for leaders who are not Democrats and who can help bring about healing. Yet, the majority of Californians choose not to do this.

Instead, they repeatedly vote Democrats into office and keep them there. These voting habits only ensure that problems in the state get worse and worse.

The same cycle also applies to other Democratic strongholds like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, etc.

California isn’t the only blue state losing residents. New York and Illinois are in a very similar boat as well.