California Residents Are Overwhelmingly Rejecting Kamala Harris

In America today, California is one of the most leftist states in existence. California has years and years of leadership under its belt; yet, there’s not much good to show for it as a result.

California struggles with serious corruption, homelessness problems, crime, and more. In 2021, there was a wave of people and businesses actually leaving California to find better lives and opportunities in red states.

Despite the massive problems that stem from Democrats being in control, California continues to vote against Republicans, and for Democrats, when they get the chance.

This is what makes the state’s approval ratings of Vice President Kamala Harris quite shocking, as explained by Red State.

Bad News For the Vice President

According to a Berkeley IGS poll taken of California voters, Harris isn’t viewed very favorably here, despite this actually being her home state.

The poll reveals that only 35% of California residents approve of the vice president. Meanwhile, her disapproval rating with Californians stands at a shocking 45%. Only two out of ten California residents told the pollster they didn’t have an opinion one way or the other.

Harris’ poor poll numbers come in spite of her previous successful runs in the state as attorney general and as a senator. This data clearly shows there have been some changes in how the people of California see the vice president since she’s gotten into the White House.

Meanwhile, during the 2020 presidential election, 63% of Californians voted for the Biden-Harris ticket. These newest findings from Berkeley IGS don’t reflect well on the vice president at all.

How Harris Dug Her Own Hole

Since getting into office, many Americans have been left wondering what exactly the Biden administration is doing. As the vice president, Harris is not immune from these questions.

Last year, she was put in charge of getting a hold of the southern border and massive border crossings. More than one year later, the vice president has not cleaned up any messes at the southern border; these messes have only gotten worse.

Earlier this week, Harris also found herself unable to give a clear answer when she was asked about when inflation would end in America. The best the vice president could come up with was saying the Biden administration is “concerned” about rising prices in the United States.

In California, residents there are being hit especially hard by higher consumer costs. Even before inflation, California was becoming increasingly unaffordable for the middle class; the current inflation problems have only worsened this situation.

If the vice president is serious about cleaning up her political image, she’ll truly take a look at these polls and consider what led her to such high disapproval ratings.