California Residents Paying Unprecedented Prices For Gas

Virtually everyone has heard about the status of gas prices in the United States. Folks are paying more and more at the pump. Inflation is a significant factor in this, as are the actions Democrats are taking steps to further weaken America’s oil and gas industry. 

Biden’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency has outrightly expressed her fantasy of completely crashing the oil and gas industry. Yet, despite these comments, the White House has stood by this nominee. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes about where Biden’s loyalties and priorities lie. 

On top of that, the president is also looking into destroying the Line 5 Pipeline in Michigan, just as he did with the Keystone Pipeline back in January. It adds up to nothing more than higher gas prices. 

However, residents of California are especially bearing the brunt of high gas costs, per PJ Media.

California leaders are some of the principal backers of the Biden administration. Sadly, this leaves residents of the state suffering accordingly. 

This week, gas prices in the so-called Golden State climbed to almost $4.7 per gallon. Gas prices haven’t even come close to being this expensive since 2012. That, alone, speaks to how bad things have gotten with Biden and other Democrats running the show. 

Now, the reason why Californians are stuck with paying such high rates for gas ultimately boils down to a significantly lessened capacity for refinery generation. It ties in with the ongoing supply chain crisis and severe rainstorms in California’s northern area. 

There’s also been talk about higher demand. However, there would be more supply to meet this demand were Biden not attacking pipelines and oil drilling every chance he gets. No matter how much Democrats try to pass the buck, at the end of the day, the root cause of higher gas prices is Joe Biden himself. 

Biden could fix this mess by ceasing his assaults on the gas and oil sector immediately. 

In many regards, California is also bearing the brunt of the supply chain crisis as well. The state’s ports remain jammed up; meanwhile, Californians are forced to shell out more money for gas. They’re also saddled with burdensome gas taxes due to Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who loves higher taxes.  

At the rate things are going, folks in California should buckle up. They are in for quite a bumpy ride throughout the foreseeable future.