California School May Open Planned Parenthood Clinic on Campus

In a move that enraged many area parents and critics across the nation, a California school board is considering opening a Planned Parenthood clinic in a high school.

The scheduled Monday evening vote by the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District was postponed, but that did not stop parents from speaking out. The board is considering a five-year renewable contract with Planned Parenthood on the campus of John Glenn High School.

A “few hundred parents showed up,” according to reports, and the action was delayed. Parents protested outside the district meeting, and there were reports that “far-right” groups would be there to demonstrate. If by “far-right” groups they meant parents, that’s exactly what happened.

One protester put a “Baby’s Lives Matter” sign on the side of the building where the board met. Another banner read “Planned Infanticide.”

The Los Angeles area high school has a heavily minority population, and supporters say that abortion will not be offered at the clinic — if approved. The proposal clearly states, however, that referrals to off-campus Planned Parenthood centers for “services not offered” may be made.

On-site services in the proposal include physical exams and long-term non-surgical contraceptives. The on-campus Planned Parenthood clinic would also be able to prescribe and dispense medication.

The Gavel Project founder Ryan Heath said there is nothing in the contract that prevents “gender-affirming care.” Planned Parenthood is the second largest provider in the U.S. for gender affirmation therapy hormones.”

Parents Defending Education founder Nicole Neily said parents and taxpayers “should be horrified” at the proposal. She also condemned the California law — specifically mentioned in the contract — that gives minors access to reproductive health care without parental consent or knowledge.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles just three years ago announced plans to create 50 of what they referred to as “well-being centers” in high schools nationwide. These were described as “safe spaces” for students to be able to live healthy lives.

Public education has been long considered a bedrock of a functioning democracy. If, however, the current trend of placing satellite offices of abortion clinics and parading drag queens for “reading time” continues, more and more parents will opt out. And understandably so.