Californians Do not Like Taxes but Seem Confused as to How They Got That Way

The Los Angeles Times just reported on a poll where two-thirds of Californians felt they were paying too much in taxes, with a surprising 54% of Democrats agreeing. California is always ranked either at the top spot or number two behind New York regarding taxes. What exactly are Californians getting for all those taxes paid?

California is experiencing skyrocketing crime, rampant homelessness, and a generational increase in illegal immigration. The same mindset that thinks it is an innovative idea to constantly raise taxes has resulted in the policies responsible for turning the Golden State from a dream destination to a place where people cannot leave fast enough.

It does not matter that of the poll participants in the Los Angeles Times story only 15% picked high taxes as the biggest problem. All the state’s problems are a result of the Democrats holding a supermajority in the state for years. There is no check on their agenda. This is why some of the most insane woke stories come out of California and then spread to the rest of the country. It is an incubator for progressivism.

These policies have hollowed out the middle class in the state. The mass exodus has caused once solidly red states like Arizona to start to drift purple as California refugees bring their politics with them. The indoctrination of students in the colleges over the past two decades now has a generation in the workforce that believes the United States is irretrievably broken and they vote blue as a block. Unfortunately, instead of being an anomaly, California looks to be a predictor of the future for all but the reddest states.

Unless conservatives can get voters to understand that they are voting for policies that feel good but end up hurting everyone in the end, the United States will continue its inexorable slide to soft socialism. There will not be any states to flee to. California was able to coast on the fumes of its golden age, but its time has run out. The mystery is not why it is happening. The mystery is why its citizens cannot see the cause and change course.