California’s Set To Incur Yet Another Loss

The very blue state of California has some genuine issues. For years now, California’s been dealing with crises of homelessness, drugs, and an increasingly unaffordable cost of living.

Public safety has now fallen to significant lows in the Golden State to insure injury. Because of state leaders and officials rolling back consequences for people who break the law, crime is soaring like never before.

Smash and grab incidents that have gone viral are scattered across several different cities in California. Meanwhile, assault and other serious crimes are up, with leaders doing just about nothing to get this under control.

In 2021, California had some of the greatest residents moving out of their state. Many businesses, such as Tesla, also followed suit. TheBlaze reports that the Super Bowl may be the latest to leave California for a red state.

California’s been home to places like the National Football League and the Super Bowl for quite some time. However, due to the blue state’s tyrannical and authoritarian pandemic policies and mandates, this could all be changing soon.

The NFL, for one, is looking into venues that are in Dallas, Texas, just in case California regresses to mandates that essentially impede the ability to host sporting events. According to an official with the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL wants to have a plan B, so they’re not in a situation where they potentially have nowhere to hold events.

Brian McCarthy, a spokesperson for the NFL, likewise confirmed the validity of these reports. According to McCarthy, their current plan is to stick with their venue in Los Angeles. However, the organization is looking into Dallas-based venues to have a “contingency plan” lined up for themselves.

For now, Los Angeles can expect the Super Bowl to occur in their city.

At this point, Americans are being inundated with news of rising COVID cases. These rising COVID cases are happening nationwide, even in cities like Los Angeles that have strict vaccination mandates in place that folks must adhere to before getting inside most indoor spaces.

Los Angeles has reinstated mask mandates, despite the ineffectiveness of such measures. At this rate, it seems to be only a matter of time before the city reverts to even more feckless restrictions that impede the ability for sporting events and other festivities to take place.

Quite frankly, it is brilliant for event holders to carve out a contingency plan in the likely event that things fall through in deep-blue Los Angeles, California.