Canadian Trucker Convoy ‘Triggers’ Biden

For over two weeks now, truckers in Canada have been rallying against autocratic vaccine mandates. Taking a literal stand in front of the Ambassador Bridge, the freedom convoy sends a clear message.

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other leaders want demonstrations to cease, they need to do away with COVID vaccine mandates. Trudeau isn’t happy about truckers protesting against the restrictions he wants to keep going on indefinitely.

In the earlier days of the freedom convoy, the Canadian prime minister lashed out against his people, baselessly accusing them of being racists.

Leftists around the globe are seeing more people take a stand and say no more to all these restrictions from the government. RedState reports that Joe Biden is pushing Canada to end the freedom convoy.

On Thursday, the current President stated his Canadian counterpart should employ federal powers to bring the trucker convoy to an end. Biden, like other Democrats, is offended by working-class people stepping up and making their voices heard.

The 46th President also villainized the protesters, stating that he harbors “sympathy” for supposedly disturbed businesses by the convoy.

However, Biden didn’t sympathize with people who didn’t want an authoritarian government demanding they inject unwanted substances into their bodies.

Canadian truckers have made their stance clear, and they’re not backing down. At least four provinces have either ended or significantly rolled back COVID restrictions in Canada. However, Trudeau himself is still stuck on trying to make the truckers disperse without hearing them out.

The Canadian prime minister has also been very clear that he has no intentions of speaking with the truckers or hearing their concerns.

Despite the loathsome conduct from the likes of Trudeau, Biden, and other leftists, there is a straightforward solution to the blockage of the Ambassador Bridge and other things critics are complaining about.

This solution is to take down the COVID mandates. Governments have been pushing people with mandates with no apparent expiration date for years. At some point, leftists had to realize folks would get tired of this and decide that enough’s enough.

Right now, leaders like Trudeau and Biden want to make a point and boost their egos, rather than paying attention to what their constituents have to say. There are reports about US truckers and other workers planning an American freedom convoy here in the states.

Word has it that these reports have the Biden Administration in panic mode.