Candace Owens Destroys the Left’s Anti-American, Racist Narrative

The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens appeared on an episode of “The Rubin Report” on Wednesday, and what she had to say should ring true for every American, regardless of skin color.

During an interview with BlazeTV host Dave Rubin, Owens spoke about her political journey, how the Democratic Party creates and promotes a victim mentality in black voters, the results of Democrat policies on black literacy rates, and how ‘utopian’ ideas such as “the war on poverty” fail the people that they intend to help.

While also promoting her new book, “Blackout,” Owens explained how black Americans can choose a “victor mentality” instead of embracing the victimhood mentality promoted by the left, and went on to destroy the left-wing narrative of systemic racism in the United States.

“Forget the victim mentality. Develop a victor mentality,” she said. “Look back at your ancestors. Look back at your grandparents. Look back at what they did, what they lived through, the seeds that they planted, so that you can afford to be in the circumstance that you are in today.”

“If you are a black American, and you are breathing in the United States today, you are the luckiest among the luckiest of black people that have ever lived anywhere on the face of the planet,” Owens added. “That is an incredible statement. In all of human history, the luckiest black people that have ever lived on the face of the human planet are the ones that are living and breathing in America today.”

Owens went on to pose a challenge to find anyone who would choose to move back to Africa and give up the comforts and luxuries of living in the United States.

“Find me a black American that will tell you they want to move back to Africa… I, Candace Owens, am pledging that I will book the flight for you, if renounce your U.S. citizenship, for you to go live back in Africa,” she said.

Watch the interview below: