CBS Gets Honest About Politicians’ COVID-19 Measures Impact On Children

Most news has been known for their hate of all things against the COVID-19 narrative of compliance, but on CBS’s Face the Nation, they took a different turn and brought a round table, and the conversation was worth noting and applying to everyday life.

Jan Crawford silenced the other panel members. She explained, “It’s the devastating impact that our COVID rules have had on young kids and children. By far the least severe danger for catastrophic sickness, but even kids, you know, a healthy teenager has a one in a million chance of acquiring and dying from COVID, which is significantly less than dying in a car collision on a road trip.”

The psychological impacts will be of much greater risk while children grow up, having to wear masks on their faces in schools and not fully understanding why they have to or the actual impact of COVID-19 and the economic destruction that it’s caused. They don’t know that they can’t see their family or friends when they’re sick, and their minds have to wrap around the fact that their teachers, the news, and people around them have told them that COVID-19 is so dangerous that it could kill them or their family. So, in the time that they can’t see their family and friends, they don’t know if they’ll ever see them again.

Children aren’t susceptible to severe viral infection and are very unlikely to die from the virus. There’s no reason they should be wearing masks in schools.

Crawford’s most meaningful statement will make you think about this whole pandemic differently.

“They will bear the consequences of our generation’s actions for the rest of their life.”

Not only will our children face additional legislation that interferes with their personal medical decisions, but the money spent by this generation of politicians will have long-term consequences for the next 50 years, if not longer. Trillions of dollars aren’t paid back overnight, especially with more spending on its way. Some politicians will tell you that more money is necessary to decrease costs, but that’s not even close to accurate. Could it temporarily help? Just like a new credit card will help you this month and wreck your world the next. The bill will come due at some time, and we may not be responsible for it.

“This year, the likelihood of suicide attempts among females has increased by 51%. Black children are roughly twice as likely as white children to commit suicide.”

Are you still paying attention? It’s no longer about the adults. The game is done. We must return to normalcy, or our children will suffer significantly due to the acts of a few selfish politicians.

Biden isn’t Building Back Better, he’s pushing the United States into a socialist country at the speed of light, and you’re not ready for that.