CDC Does Exactly What Conservatives Warned They’d Do

Over the past 24 months, the CDC has proven itself not to be a credible health organization whatsoever. Like other health officials, the CDC repeatedly changes its tune, especially regarding COVID and the appropriate mitigation strategies to defeat the virus.

At this point, it’s just a given that the CDC will pivot back and forth. Yet, they’re somehow shocked when more people begin to call them out and question their levels of integrity.

Furthermore, the CDC has been all over the place regarding the COVID vaccine. However, their latest move regarding booster shots is highly predictable, and one that conservatives warned was coming for quite some time, as RedState reports.

The CDC and other health officials have been ceaselessly harping about the need for people to get their booster shots on top of the original vaccines.

Furthermore, as the campaign for boosters persists, conservatives pointed out that a time would come when people who don’t get boosted are regarded in the same manner by health officials as those who are altogether unvaccinated.

It is what the CDC did in its latest guidance on quarantine measures. Per the CDC, people who are vaccinated, yet haven’t gotten their booster shots, need to self-isolate for five days, along with masking up for another five days afterward.

Meanwhile, fully vaccinated and boosted folks are not advised to quarantine if asymptomatic and test positive for the virus. The writing is very clearly on the wall when the CDC says that vaccinated people, yet not boosted, need to take the same precautions as folks who are neither vaccinated nor boosted.

Likewise, it begs to question the point of taking the original vaccines.

Amid the emergence of omicron, health officials are already toying with the idea of yet another booster shot against COVID.

Therefore, if current patterns persist, it won’t be long until vaccinated and boosted people face calls to take another booster shot. Health officials will also likely modify the meaning of “fully vaccinated” again.

Every individual has the right to make their own healthcare choices. However, the folks who believe this will end if everyone gets their shots are taken for a ride. It will never end until enough Americans stand up, say no, and refuse to play the games of these so-called health experts.

It was never about science or health.