CDC Loosens Virus Guidance For Quarantine Over Omicron

US Health Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed their recommendation Monday for days spent in isolation from others after contracting the coronavirus from 10 to 5 days.

“The decision also was driven by the Omicron variant. Early research suggests Omicron may cause milder illnesses than earlier versions of the coronavirus,” Mike Stobbe reported at the Associated Press Monday.

So the media’s knee-jerk reaction to the emergence of the Omicron variant was to scare you, not to inform you, because the scary headline gets more attention.

They’re whoring out your airline travel experience, increasing grocery and tax bills. Your very authority and final say over what happens to your own body, for some ad revenue from a bit of ad square that says “Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees” and a celebrity with her boobs pushing pretty far out, and when you click that, it goes to a slideshow clickbait website with ads from a community college and the Florida department of tourism.

They’re whoring your body out to the US federal government and Big Pharma to get a nickel from that when someone clicks all the way through. So Omicron has to be what’s probably going to kill you if you don’t click this article and stay up to date on the news. These people do look the part of the cigarette company execs and marketers and may very well go the way of their industry, at least the kind of companies that do news this way.

Because they keep getting it wrong repeatedly, in ways that range from just making you feel terrible to having pretty awful consequences for real. What such journalists did with Omicron is the same thing they did with the virus from the beginning two years ago now jump to alarmism and endless hysteria-stoking analysis and commentary about it.

The AP report also noted, “CDC officials said the guidance is in keeping with growing evidence that people with the coronavirus are most infectious in the two days before and three days after symptoms develop.”

How did it take the CDC two years to discover that?

On the 2019 novel variant of a disease, they spent millions of tax dollars studying for decades? How is that possible? It’s just hard to believe they didn’t already know that two years ago.

It’s as if they’re planning this thing out like the Fed does, easing and then carefully hiking rates up to get out of it, adjusting the perceived cost of coronavirus up and down in terms of the danger it poses using not good information analysis, but primarily the power of suggestion, to make enormous, centrally planned adjustments to vast swaths of humanity’s billions.