Ceasefire Deal: Hamas Seeks Written Guarantees From Israel

Hamas has agreed to a ceasefire deal proposed by the U.S. but demands “written guarantees” from Israel to ensure compliance during negotiations to end the conflict. This demand for documented assurances comes as a significant shift from Hamas’s earlier requirements.

A Hamas representative confirmed that the group seeks mediation from Egypt and Qatar and insists that Israel provide written commitments not to resume military actions during the negotiation process. The agreement involves releasing hostages but is contingent upon these written guarantees.

Mossad chief David Barnea, who met with mediators in Doha on Friday, rejected Hamas’s demand for written assurances, Axios reported. The disagreement focuses on the language in Article 14 of the Israeli proposal. The current draft states that the U.S., Egypt, and Qatar will “make every effort” to ensure the negotiations lead to an agreement. However, Hamas demands the wording be changed to “ensure.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the remaining “gaps between the parties” and announced that negotiators would head back to Doha. CIA Director William Burns is also set to join the efforts in Doha, highlighting the international stakes in achieving a resolution.