Chicago Mayor Remains Dangerously In Denial About Crime Sprees

As more Americans tune into the news, they see increasing reports about violent crime sprees happening in the country. More specifically, these crime sprees are transpiring in communities where leftist leaders have taken a lackadaisical approach towards those who break the law.

As a result, lawbreakers are getting more outlandish and destructive amid their commission of crimes. Footage of people breaking into retail stores and stealing goods is regularly going viral now.

Meanwhile, if Democrat leaders aren’t doing anything at all, they’re downplaying the severity of this crisis. According to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the issue of violent theft falls in the hands of the retailers rather than the thieves themselves, as RedState documents.

The remarks from the Democrat mayor of Chicago are a perfect reflection of why her city is one being walloped by criminals. According to Lightfoot, retailers should take more precautions and hire more security guards.

Lightfoot then went on to trash retailers for supposedly not having cameras in their establishments that are “operational.” However, this is quite a strange comment. The truth of the matter is that there’s countless camera footage in stores that shows the aforementioned looting sprees taking place.

Not once in these remarks did the Chicago mayor condemn the thieves and looters. She did not speak out or vow to hold these criminals accountable for their behavior.

Then, again, if Lightfoot truly believed in putting an end to lawlessness, there wouldn’t be regular shootings and murders in her city, despite all the gun control laws.

Unfortunately, the Chicago mayor’s remarks indicate that not much is likely to change in the city. Lawbreakers will continue knowing they have a free pass to loot and steal with impunity. Meanwhile, businesses and law-abiding members of the community are the ones who suffer.

In a plot twist, many Americans didn’t see it coming. The White House distanced itself from the aforementioned statements of the Chicago mayor. During a press conference, the Biden administration confirmed it does not agree with Lightfoot’s reaction to these retail crimes.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki then claimed the federal government is working with local law enforcement members to ensure they have the necessary resources. The Biden administration additionally denounced similar remarks from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As it turns out, the far-left congresswoman dared to cast doubt on the existence of well-documented retail thefts altogether. Meanwhile, retail business groups were more than happy to set the record straight.