Chicago Mayor: Texas Sending Illegal Aliens Will Crush Local Economies

During a Friday interview, pro-open borders Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) ironically argued that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to bus illegal aliens to sanctuary cities will crush local economies.

While the far-left mayor openly supports open borders, he ignores the fact that Abbott’s bussing plan was designed to alleviate the burden of mass illegal immigration on border towns and Texas as a whole, as well as force so-called “sanctuary cities” to experience the consequences of their policy positions. Despite the fact that Chicago proudly declares itself to be a “sanctuary city,” Johnson claims that taking in illegal aliens will destroy the city’s economy — while ignoring that his support for open borders has caused this problem and destroyed the local economies of border towns.

The Chicago mayor made his comments during an appearance on “CNN This Morning” on Friday, where he claimed that Abbott was “governing out of fear.”

Johnson argued that Chicago has “infrastructure in our local communities that [is] not designed to carry such a burden. Local municipalities are not structured to be able to carry the weight of a crisis like this.”

He went on to acknowledge that border towns have experienced difficulties as well, though he claimed that “better coordination” was the solution rather than border security.

“I’ve sent a delegation to the border to see firsthand what our bordering cities are experiencing, and what we have said repeatedly is that there has to be better coordination,” Johnson argued. “And without a coordinated operation, this is going to crush local economies, because there is a financial responsibility that we have all taken on. And look, the bottom line is this — at least for my experiences — is that we have a Governor in Texas that is governing out of fear.”

He then praised the “leadership” of New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston (D), claiming that the far-left mayors are all “working collectively together” to deal with the border crisis.

“And what we need right now, we need sound minds, and that’s why I’m grateful for the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams and the leadership of Mayor Mike Johnston, because we are working collectively together to be able to bring some structure around this crisis,” Johnson claimed.

Later in the interview, Johnson also claimed that Abbott sending planes full of illegal aliens to Chicago is “dangerous.”

He shared a clip of his CNN interview in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, with a caption claiming that “Texas is explicitly attacking Democratic cities throughout the United States in retaliation to the end of Trump-era mandates that refused asylum seekers from the Caribbean [sic] and South America. Instead of communicating, they are crafting a humanitarian crisis.”