Chicago Pledges $26 Million For Migrant Camps

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) signed a contract for $26 million to fund migrant camps. The migrant camp locations will fall into six different zones of the city.

Six zoning locations across Chicago will soon be home to migrants in newly built migrant camps. The building of these camps is part of a $26 million contract signed by Mayor Johnson with GardaWorld Federal Services.

GardaWorld is the security company overseeing the building and maintenance of the camps and the migrants housed in them.

This deal comes as a shock to many residents of Chicago. Chicago is amid rising unemployment rates, homeless rates, and crime rates. The cost of living is growing rapidly without the income to match most families.

Chicago is looking for funding and programs to help those suffering throughout the city. Instead, Johnson has decided to award funds to migrants flooding the city daily.

In a recent report by Breitbart, the migrant surge was estimated to cost the city over $300 million in the next year. The funds for the camps could be used instead for city improvement in many areas.

The new migrant camps will hold an estimated 1,200 migrants each. Migrants will have housing, food, water, and amenities that most Chicago citizens can not afford or do not have.

City Ald. Andre Vasquez had several things to say about migrant camps in Chicago. One of the more telling statements referred to the camps as “refugee camps.”

These refugee-style camps are an effort by the city to move current migrant populations out of housing in police stations, train stations, and bus stations. In early September, there were allegations and arrests of migrants. The migrants who were arrested had allegedly assaulted Chicago police officers.

With the rising assaults and crime, the migrant camps may seem like a temporary solution. The real issue will come when city funds run out, and federal funds are needed.

If the Chicago migrant surge is anything like those in Texas and NYC, then the answer for federal funds will be a solid no. As the migrant crisis rises, the Biden administration must take action or see the border states and cities fall to the migrant surge.