Chicago’s Progressive DA Begins Early Release Program and Chooses Three Career Criminals

Cook County progressive District Attorney Kim Foxx announced last week three inmates she picked to be considered for early release under a new state program. They all have lengthy records and include a home invader, an aggravated robber and a burglar.

Among these Hall of Famers are Larry Frazier, 63, who had five robbery charges before the last, a 1995 conviction for an armed home invasion committed “just days after his release from prison,” according to a U.S. Court of Appeals. Frazier was sentenced to 60 years for the last conviction.

Charles Miles, 55, received a 12-year sentence for a 2011 burglary while a mother and child were present. Miles already had two prior burglary convictions and another for aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.

And then there’s Roland Reyes, who gets a lifetime achievement award for having been sentenced to 83 years total for 11 convictions dating back to 1992. The last was a 30-year punishment in 2008 for aggravated robbery.

Foxx touts the Resentencing Initiative as a way to assist “many Black and Brown people” who are locked up due to “failed policies of the past.” Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a sweeping criminal justice reform bill into law last year which, among other measures, allows state’s attorneys to petition for resentencing inmates whose original sentence “no longer advances the interest of justice.”

Six years ago, Kim Foxx became the first George Soros-backed progressive prosecutor to win an election. The Washington Post reported the billionaire donated $300,000 to a PAC to support her election, and her 2020 re-election campaign was supported by at least $2 million in Soros funds that went to the Illinois Justice and Safety PAC.

Foxx is building a legacy of letting violent criminals walk without even attempting prosecution. The Chicago Tribune conducted an analysis which concluded that not only are her rates of dropped cases significantly higher than her predecessor’s, but they include people “accused of murder, sex crimes and attacks on police officers.”

Chicago police, who are in a position to know these things, say a surge in electronic monitoring for home confinement of criminals under Foxx is a large contributor to the recent spike in crime. And a study by former supporters of the DA says the number of people sentenced to prison time under Foxx has decreased almost 20%.

As Kim Foxx begins her program of letting career criminals walk free to cure past “injustices,” it is only the criminals and her liberal billionaire backers who win. The citizens of the city she is charged with protecting are the clear losers.