China Is ‘Chasing’ The Wind And ‘Extends’ Control Of Green Energy

Chinese control of wind and solar energy is only increasing. By stockpiling transmission and power generation stations throughout China in places like Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, they increase the CCP domestic supply.

China is also advancing from a medieval communist regime to a modern police state. The Chinese quality of autocratic capitalism is the latest Marxist innovation by a party driven by cautious strategy. For decades, Jiang Zemin, Wen Jiabao, Hu Jintao, and Xi Jinping have implemented this plan.

Of course, the CCP has decimated and pulverized Hong Kong and threatened to take Taiwan. Its quest for regional domination is being merged with environmentalism and climate change, traditionally dovetailed so nicely with communist ideology. Both attack the means of production and seek to cripple the economies of the first-world nations.

The Financial Times runs a segment called “Moral Money,” which deals with investments labeled as ESG, environmental, social, and corporate governance. In a recent commentary, FT stated that China wants this year’s disastrous Olympic Games to be called the “green” Olympics. Suppose that building half-pipes and slopes on an abandoned toxic waste dump sounds green. With ecological certifications, China wants to blow snow and whitewash its human rights abuses.

Pundits have homed in on the ecological problems of making fake snow. And the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games is bragging that all stadia and venues are entirely fueled by renewable energy. They claim that they are using solar and wind farms rather than coal and gas power plants.

In 2021, China added numerous wind farms in the ocean. Xi’s new five-year plan is to consolidate power generation and green energy equipment manufacturing. China will soon provide nearly 50% of the world’s sea-based wind power. This development unseats the UK, which formerly held the title of most sea-based wind power generation.

China has removed all petroleum and gas power projects from its green energy categories as it reports significant progress toward renewables. The EU has neglected to do the same. ESG is the financial equivalent to a government program to examine scientific classifications for socialist transformation. It is used for the great reset or the grand narrative of Klaus Schwab.

State-run industries act as a cover for the CCP to devour fundamental human rights and liberties. China’s explicit propensities toward green energy mask its totalitarian tendencies and global ambition.

Further, the overt genocide of the Uyghur people ought to stand out above the compliments of international hedge fund managers who claim to care about people and the planet but want to use investment vehicles to bilk retirement accounts and governments out of their cash. Instead of whitewashing secrets, this is out in the open, but the liberal media is serving as the mouthpiece of the CCP. That is the genuine concern, the compromised nature of the western media, entertainment, academia, and government that serve to advance the goals of an expansive Communist China.