China Now Threatening America On Biden’s Watch

When former President Trump was in office, the United States was respected around the world, even by our enemies. Trump projected strength on the world stage and America’s enemies knew provoking us would be a bad idea.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true with Joe Biden running the nation. On the current president’s watch, Russia has invaded Ukraine and regularly makes threats against the United States.

Recently, the president of South Korea went viral for apparently profanely speaking about Biden and US lawmakers during an international meeting. Something like this never would have occurred with Trump in the White House.

As Biden continues to embarrass the United States on the world stage, China is now making threats against our country.

Troubling Statements From China
The Chinese Communist Party is seething over America showing support to Taiwan. It wasn’t too long ago that the Chinese threatened to down the plane of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mid-flight if she dared to visit Taiwan.

Now, the communist regime is back at it again. This time, officials of China’s foreign ministry are claiming America isn’t sending the right message when it comes to Taiwan. Apparently, per China, the United States doesn’t have a right to involve itself in any matters that deal with Taiwan.

China’s opinion about this matter boils down to the nation’s view that Taiwan belongs to China, rather than Taiwan being its own nation. These remarks came after a US official sat down with China and affirmed the nation’s support of the one-China policy.

Since these remarks from the Chinese Communist Party, Biden hasn’t said a word. Instead, the president is too busy watering down our nation’s military with an unscientific COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Biden Bows to China
While China openly speaks against the United States, Biden is still busy trying to kiss the ring of the communist regime.

In real-time, the president is trying to transition the country into driving electric vehicles. Coincidentally, China has the most to gain from this, seeing as the country holds the components necessary to create these cars.

Biden also hasn’t hesitated to send over portions of America’s emergency oil supply to the Chinese. Though China isn’t returning this favor.

Republicans have warned the Biden administration may very well be indebted to China, due to the president’s past business deals with the communist regime. If this is true, then we’re all facing a national security crisis.