Chinese Communists Gathering DNA From Tibetan Children As Young As Five

Human Rights Watch reports chilling details of the Chinese Communist Party gathering DNA from the people of Tibet, including children as young as five.

Communist officials describe the systematic DNA collection as a “crime detection drive.” That is far from the viewpoint of critics of the communist regime, who see no choice in participating and no limits to the uses of the data — undoubtedly taken against the will of some.

Human Rights Watch reported that “there is no publicly available evidence suggesting people can decline to participate.” Likewise, police do not need evidence or even suspicion of criminal activity to collect the samples.

Chinese authorities began the collection in 2019 as part of what they termed the “three greats,” which are inspection, investigation, and mediation.

This has spread throughout the nation’s central region and into the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), according to Human Rights Watch. The group reports a Tibetan township in the Qinghai province saw DNA gathered from all males as young as five. Again, no right of refusal.

As Sophie Richardson, China director for Human Rights Watch noted, the people of the area are already under “pervasive repression.” Now the communist government is taking blood without consent in order to “strengthen their surveillance capabilities.”

The effort is believed to be part of the ongoing process of the Chinese government establishing ground-level police presence in all seven Tibetan prefectures of the western plateau.

The government in 2019 called for bids from contractors who would gather the DNA throughout the region. Some reports say the mass collection in the TAR goes all the way back to 2013.

The government stands by its claim that the effort will assist in capturing fugitives and “verification efficiency.” One official said it is important for healthcare delivery, but others note that “public security organs…detection of illegal activities” will be aided by the database.

In the words of one report, no village, household, or person may be omitted from the collection. The Chinese Communist Party hides its atrocities in plain sight and barely bothers with window dressing. It is repressive and authoritarian, and light must continue to shine on its practices.