Chris Christie Declares War on Donald Trump

Chris Christie has been attempting to make the headlines recently. Axios just conducted an exclusive interview with the defeated presidential contender. Nothing says “vote for me” like supplying material to a left-wing publication. Christie is far from the only Republican who has made this error.

However, it was when Donald Trump was mentioned that things became the tensest. Christie was questioned about a previous snub in which the former governor had a 9 percent popularity rating when he left office. His reaction was as follows.

Chris Christie’s remark against Donald Trump is not just politically incorrect but simply illogical. It is the result of unbridled hubris lulling one into a false feeling of security. Is there anything a potential 2024 candidate could do more stupid than trying to make Trump an enemy so early in the game?

Chris Christie served three terms as governor of New Jersey, but do he believe conservatives care that he was a relatively liberal governor in a deep blue state? Is that intended to be a good thing? Are still to be answered. They want the party to promote people who have demonstrated their ability to rule as conservatives in a high-stakes environment. Not those whose whole lives have been spent making compromises to avoid offending liberal wine mothers.

It is not sure why Chris Christie believes he can revitalize his political career by running for president against Donald Trump in 2024. There is no way ahead for this tubby hothead who attempts to play both sides all the time. Who, after all, is screaming for a Chris Christie run in 2024? Is there a constituency for it that people are not aware of? Anyway, Trump will undoubtedly issue a comment in reaction to Christie’s remark soon.