Christie Says He Won’t Pardon Trump On ‘The View’

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a contender for the GOP presidential nomination who has established himself as a fierce Never Trumper, recently appeared on the leftist show “The View,” where he said that if elected president in 2024, he would not pardon former President Donald Trump.

Trump is facing a slew of charges brought forth against him by Democratic prosecutors. The former president has been charged with allegedly hoarding classified documents, falsifying business records and trying to “overturn” the 2020 presidential election in separate cases nationwide.

While on “The View,” Christie was asked by the hosts whether he’d pardon Trump if the former president became the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2024.
In response, Christie said it would be the “easiest pardon decision [he] would ever have to make as president.”

The former New Jersey governor unequivocally said “No” when asked if he would absolve the former president of his alleged crimes.

“No … The person has to accept responsibility for what they did … It would be the easiest pardon decision I would ever have to make as president. You don’t accept responsibility — too bad, go to jail,” Christie said.

Christie’s refusal to pardon the former president comes after fellow Republican presidential hopefuls former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) have both vowed to pardon Trump if they were elected president in 2024.

Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, also running for president as a Republican, has pledged to pardon the former president.

In addition to Christie’s refusal to pardon Trump, the former New Jersey governor has violated the “Beat Biden” pledge he signed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) to support the party’s eventual nominee by saying that he will not vote for Trump If he rises as the GOP nominee.

“I affirm that if I do not win the 2024 Republican nomination for President of the United States, I will honor the will of the primary voters and support the Republican presidential nominee in order to save our country and beat Joe Biden,” the RNC’s pledge reads.

Christie’s refusal to support Trump, who is likely to become the GOP presidential nominee, is a direct violation of the pledge he previously signed.