Church Holds Drag Show For Youth

A church in Naples, Florida, is planning a “Youth Pride Conference” in support of the LGBTQ community to include a drag show and “sexual education” course taught by a Planned Parenthood speaker.

The event is being put on by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and will be directed at youth. It’s being advertised as “an eploration of LGBTQ issues facing today’s youth” and “organized by and for LGBTQ students.”

The church, Naples United Church of Christ (Naples UCC), says that it’s a “Progressive church in terms of openness to a wide theological spectrum and the wise variety of lifestyles and orientations in our culture.”

There’s a difference in being accepting of people versus pushing an agenda. The last place you might expect this type of event to take place is a Christian church. The youth of America is going through a cultural battle every single day. Schools are pushing for LGBTQ education and mainstream media and social media is advocating for transitions and emotional instability. Youth need a place where they can go where they aren’t pressured or lectured about LGBTQ issues.

The original location was going to be Collier County schools, but that was quickly switched once the location was brought to light. Florida’s Voice reached out to the Collier County schools and reported, “When informed of the event organizer’s plans to shuttle students from school property, the district said Collier County public schools may not be used as ‘transit points for the pickup and drop-off of students for this event.’”

It’s unacceptable for a public school to be used to transport children to a drag show. Collier County schools also said that the event flier “must be immediately corrected to reflect that CCPS is not a co-sponsor nor will it allow its school sites to be used as transit points for the pickup and drop-off of students for this event.”

Lucas Miles, author of The Christian Left, said that the “Christian” church hosting the event “should be leading the way to protect young minds from explicit materials and behaviors, definitely not approving of them, or God forbid, hosting an inappropriate event…”

Children matter. Protecting their innocence is of utmost importance in America and it’s not being protected by the left. The right has to stand up and make their voices heard.