CIA Pushes Woke Agenda, Now Enthusiastically Celebrates ‘Pride Month’

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is now publicly celebrating “Pride Month.”

“CIA’s 2023 theme for #Pride Month is WELCO-ME!” the agency declared on social media before breaking the acronym down, “Wellness,” “Equity,” “LGBTQ+,” “Community,” “Openness,” and “ME!”

“Pride Month is an occasion for all of us at the Agency to pay tribute to the rich history, community, and mission contributions of our LGBTQ+ officers,” the CIA continued.

Sen. J.D. Vance responded to the CIA’s post, saying, “Can’t believe this is real.”

“The powers that be in the Biden Administration have an agenda, and protecting the national security of America isn’t at the top of that list,” Republican Rep. Bob Good of Virginia tweeted.

Former Twitter CEO Elon Musk joked, “I thought the CIA liked being in the closet lol.”

Podcaster and author Ben Shapiro described the CIA’s post as “wildly dystopian.”

“Thanks for continuing to show why Americans should have NO FAITH WHATSOEVER in your ability to do your Actual jobs. What absolutely pointless, frivolous, nonsense propaganda. Our enemies have to be absolutely LOLing at this,” Chicks On The Right tweeted.

The CIA is far from the only government agency celebrating the LGBT agenda. The FBI has also stated that it will celebrate the “positive impacts” its LGBT “teammates” have made for the agency during Pride Month.

So far, President Joe Biden has issued Pride Month proclamations each year of his presidency. The Department of Energy, Department of Education, and Department of Agriculture all currently display pro-LGBT flags behind their logos on social media profiles.

The Department of Justice and the Transportation Department have publicly celebrated Pride Month in social media posts.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin released a statement regarding Pride Month. “In 2021, I was honored to implement President Biden’s directive to ensure that transgender Americans who wish to serve and meet Department standards are able to do so — openly and free from discrimination.”

A 2023 Gallup poll shows that 7.2% of Americans represent the LGBT community, doubling from the 3.5% who identified as such in 2012. Only 6% of Americans identify as “transgender,” according to the poll.