CNN Admits John Fetterman’s Debate Performance Was Troubling

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Democratic candidate John Fetterman finally lived up to his commitment to debate Republican candidate Mehmet Oz.

Throughout much of the Senate race, Fetterman refused to engage in a debate against his GOP rival. Yet, he changed his mind after getting some pushback from voters and the media.

Fetterman’s debate performance didn’t go well by any means. Americans on both the left and the right noted the Pennsylvania Democrat seemed out of it. It was clear to see that Fetterman visibly had a hard time both understanding and responding to questions.

Things went so poorly for Fetterman that even CNN is now calling it out.

CNN on Fetterman’s Debate Performance
This past Wednesday, CNN host Erin Burnett conceded that Fetterman severely “struggled” while going against Oz on the debate stage.

Burnett especially pointed out the issues Fetterman had with addressing the issue of fracking. There is footage of the Pennsylvania Democrat stating years ago that he’s not a fan of fracking and will be forever against it.

Yet, during this week’s debate, Fetterman tried to switch up the narrative, saying that he’s always been an advocate for fracking. Objectively, this is not true and even CNN couldn’t spin this in the Democrat’s favor.

Burnett went on to say that Fetterman’s claims about this issue were “wrong” before questioning what he might have been reading on the closed captioning screen.

Continuous Problems With Fetterman
While debating Oz this week, Fetterman was directly questioned about whether he intends to release his medical records to the public. To little surprise, the Pennsylvania Democrat made it clear that he has no intention of disclosing this information.

In public appearances following his debate, Fetterman continued to struggle with speaking clearly. This is one of many tasks that will be expected of whoever ends up representing Pennsylvania in the Senate.

As things stand today, many Americans are in agreement that Fetterman isn’t up to running for office or serving. Some people have even criticized members of Fetterman’s campaign for letting him get on a debate stage when they knew he wasn’t equipped.

Though, even as CNN — and the rest of America — acknowledges the issues with Fetterman’s debate performance and policy claims, the Biden administration is still defending him.