CNN Commentator Claims People ‘Twisting’ Her Words After She Defended Abortion By Citing Special Needs Relatives

Leftist political commentator Ana Navarro is trying to claim that people are ‘twisting’ her words after she defended abortion using members of her family with special needs as examples.

During a panel on CNN, a guest on the show addressed Navarro, saying, “I don’t understand how you can say on one hand you support life, yet you’re fine with a woman’s decision to choose abortion.”

Responding to that comment, Navarro invoked a common radical leftist argument for abortion that often leaves conservatives, and most average people, shocked — abortion is the solution to prevent the existence of special needs people.

While most leftists who cite this argument don’t actually cite specific people as examples, especially not members of their own family, Navarro was bold enough to do so.

“And I am not anybody to tell you what you need to do with your life or with your uterus,” she said. “And because I have a family with a lot of special needs kids. I have a brother who’s 57 and has the mental and motor skills of a one-year-old.”

“And I know what that means financially, emotionally, physically, for a family,” Navarro continued. “And I know not all families can do it. And I have a step-granddaughter who was born with Down syndrome. And you know what? It is very difficult in Florida to get services. It is not as easy as it sounds on paper.”

“And I’ve got another step-grandson who is very autistic,” she added. “Who has autism, and it is [inaudible]. And their mothers and people who are in that society, who are in that community, will tell you that they’ve considered suicide because that’s how difficult it is to get help. Because that’s how lonely they feel, because they can’t get other jobs, because they have financial issues, because the care that they’re able to give their other children suffers.”

“And so why can I be Catholic and still think this is a wrong decision? Because I’m American. I’m Catholic inside the church,” Navarro claimed. “I’m Catholic when it comes to me. But there’s a lot of Americans who are not Catholic, and are not Christian, and are not Baptist. And you have no damn right to tell them what they should do with their bodies. Nobody does.”

Of course, Navarro’s argument naturally left a lot of people disturbed and shocked, and she was quickly called out for her comments on social media. Her statements were so abhorrent that even a CNN host had to criticize her.

“I have an autistic child,” CNN host S.E. Cupp wrote in a thread on Twitter. “I have never met a parent of an autistic child or any parent of a special needs child who said they’d wished they’d aborted him or her. These children face enough stigmas and challenges. Please don’t use our incredible, special, wonderful, super-hero kids to make political arguments, especially about the benefits of abortion.”

“I have been clear. I don’t want Roe overturned,” she added. “But don’t even for a second make it about our special needs kids. NOT EVEN ONE SECOND. Make the argument that you don’t want to have a kid. Don’t make the argument that you don’t want to have a KIND of kid that we HAVE AND LOVE.”

In response to being called out for her comments, Navarro claimed that people had “twisted her words” and threw a tantrum on Twitter over it, but never actually explained how her words had been twisted.

“Some have twisted my words,” she claimed. “Won’t stop me calling it out: Banning women’s choices, but NOT funding enough aid for kids & adults w/special needs & disabilities, or a safety-net for single moms & poor families, or safe, loving foster care & adoption, isn’t Pro-life. It’s hypocrisy.”

“Irrelevant has-beens trying to get some clicks by attacking me on @twitter ….so predictable and lazy,” Navarro added in a separate tweet. “Everybody knows you’re twisting my words. I’m not going to give you the importance of mentioning you by name. You know who you are. Bless your hearts. Eat s***. Or whatever.”

Conservatives also called Navarro out on Twitter.

“Good afternoon to everyone except for @ananavarro who apparently thinks her experience with having “special needs” family members is a reason to support Abortion,” wrote Newsmax host Benny Johnson.

“Spending 14 Years as a CEO of a Behavioral Health Care agency for developmentally disabled adults and children showed me how precious every life is, Ana Navarro’s abhorrent comments should sicken everyone,” replied political strategist Chuck Callesto.

“Ana Navarro advocated for eugenics, period. One of the biggest arguments I ever had with my ex was over Iceland’s ‘successful’ extermination of its Downs citizens via abortion. He said it was positive. I could not believe what I was hearing. Now I’m hearing this argument again,” said Lydia Leitermann, producer at Timcast IRL.

“These comments were absolutely sick,” wrote Dinesh D’Souza, author, filmmaker, and podcast host.