CNN Cuts Brian Stelter From Their Lineup

CNN has been facing a lot of troubles within just the past 18 months alone.

For starters, the network’s ratings tanked since the Trump administration left the White House. It turns out that once CNN wasn’t able to denigrate Trump on a daily basis, its narratives didn’t have much to stand on.

Not long after this, CNN tried to launch CNN+, a paid subscription service. Yet, when very few people actually signed up for the service, the network was forced to scrap the initiative altogether.

Producer John Griffin and news anchor Chris Cuomo were some of several workers to leave CNN after news of their behind-the-scenes conduct caught up to them.

CNN is now being led by CEO Chris Licht, who claims to want to take the network in a different direction. Licht has been vocal about wanting CNN to regain the public’s trust and shed its current reputation of being a cheerleader for the political left.

As Licht works to make this happen, news anchor Brian Stelter, along with his show, Reliable Sources, has been canned.

The End of Stelter’s Work For CNN
This upcoming Sunday marks the last time that Reliable Sources or Stelter will be on air via CNN.

According to the departing anchor, he’s been honored to work with CNN for as long as he has. Stelter also announced that during the final airing of Reliable Sources, he’ll provide more details to the public.

The cancellation of Reliable Sources is a consequence of CNN’s declining ratings. However, the network could have very well kept Stelter working for them in a different capacity, even without his show.

CNN’s choice to send Stelter packing anyway has been speculated as part of the company leadership’s work to rebrand.

A Polarizing Reputation
Stelter’s show was known for pushing left-wing populist takes and attacking Trump whenever possible.

This pleased many leftists and Never Trumpers. Although, outside of these positions, many Americans struggled to see the value in what Reliable Sources truly had to offer.

Conservatives especially viewed the program as more of an opinion outlet, rather than as coverage of real news. Due to Stelter spending his time on the air attacking conservatives and Trump supporters, Americans with these political leanings confirmed he won’t be missed.

CNN, on the other hand, says it wishes Stelter well in whatever path he chooses next.