CNN Downplays President Joe Biden’s Handling Of Classified Documents

When classified documents were discovered at former President Donald Trump’s private residence in Florida, many in the mainstream media were up in arms and defended a swift reaction by the federal government — including an FBI raid of his Mar-A-Lago golf resort.

Now that President Joe Biden is caught up in a scandal of his own that involves sensitive documents stored in various locations, including his garage, some of the same media sources are embracing a notably less critical position.

RedState recently outlined the disparate responses by CNN personalities regarding the two scandals, starting with on-air speculation that Trump might have stolen nuclear secrets from the White House with an intent to compromise the nation’s security for his own profit.

Setting aside the fact that there was never any evidence to suggest any such plot by the former president, the same cable news network is currently employing personalities who appear to be circling the wagons around Biden by claiming the real problem is that too many documents are marked classified.

Furthermore, countless reporters and pundits have argued that the Trump and Biden situations were completely different because the current president was supposedly quick to turn over classified documents when they were found.

While it is unclear at this point in the investigation just how forthcoming Biden’s team was with federal authorities, it seems clear that the White House was not open and honest with the American people about the initial discovery of classified documents at his former office at a think tank in D.C.

Although the documents were found days before the midterms, the administration decided not to issue a statement until well after Election Day.

At least some mainstream news figures were willing to explore the possibility that the news was withheld for political reasons, including CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe, who confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the subject earlier this month.

“As I am talking to you, it is under review,” she initially asserted.

When O’Keefe sought a follow-up response, Jean-Pierre said: “I’m going to leave you the information that the president provided to all of you just yesterday.”

For their part, prominent House Republicans are also calling out the perceived hypocrisy regarding how Democrats and the media have handled the two situations.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who heads the House Judiciary Committee, concluded: “I think everyone sees the double standard there, you know, plus, plus the country got to know about what happened 91 days before the election with President Trump. This happened a week before the election. We didn’t know about it before.”