CNN Has Taken On More Than It Can Chew

CNN is one of the most infamously leftist news networks there is. Time and time again, CNN makes it their business to denigrate Republicans, Trump voters, conservatives, unvaccinated Americans, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t toe the leftist lie.

In keeping with the leftist way, CNN also knows what is best for everyone, and anyone who disagrees should be shamed or forced into submission. CNN also stopped even pretending to be an objective media source long ago.

Nevertheless, everyone has a line that should signify appropriate boundaries. In the case of CNN, they very recently crossed the line, therefore biting off more than they could chew, according to Red State.

CNN host Jim Acosta opted to trash Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz during a Saturday episode.

Acosta’s profane rant essentially said Fox News “churns out” garbage for its audience. The CNN host later alleged Tucker Carlson as an honoree for a “BS factory” worker award.

Finally, Cruz became the next target of Acosta’s increasingly unhinged tirade. The CNN host said the Texas senator could have competed with Carlson for the “BS factory” worker award.

There’s no doubt this type of rhetoric is 100% agreed upon and co-signed by CNN’s higher-ups. However, the network did not anticipate getting a response back to this little rant from Acosta.

During the Texas senator’s response to the aforementioned rant, he didn’t hold anything back. Cruz stated Acosta’s outburst serves as a prime example of why the network is struggling with viewership now that Trump is no longer in the White House.

That wasn’t all, though. The Texas Republican continued, declaring CNN has become nothing more than a propaganda machine that is rife with bitter, lying hacks. Finally, Cruz dismissed Acosta as nothing more than a clown. It arrived before Cruz professed his tweet would get multiple times more views than Acosta’s show.

Cruz is not the first person to take on the communist machine, and he will not be the last. Not too long ago, the Texas Republican also called out MSNBC for running a woke segment about how terrible they believe Thanksgiving is.

At this point, networks like CNN and MSNBC are merely the same. They don’t exist to share accurate news updates with Americans. Instead, they operate as a pawn for the Democrat Party and a cheerleader for leftist agendas.