CNN ‘Lashes Out’ Against Free Thinkers

For years now, Americans have faced various attacks in the name of supposedly stopping COVID. These attacks arrived in the form of hurting people’s businesses, confining Americans to their homes, and now (in some parts of the nation), keeping people from participating in society unless they’re able to produce COVID vaccination papers.

Of course, the so-called medical experts and Democrat leaders have worked day and night to gaslight Americans into viewing the aforementioned attacks as acceptable.

During 2020, these officials called people who protested government lockdowns “selfish.” They also falsely claimed that individuals who opposed shelter-in-place mandates didn’t care about the health and wellbeing of older people.

However, even as we enter the third year of this psyop, the gaslighting campaign is far from over. As reported by RedState, CNN is now trying to get people to quit doing their research and otherwise think for themselves.

A few days ago, CNN host Don Lemon sounded off on what he thinks about people who want to think for themselves and do their research. According to Lemon, these people are “idiots” and supposedly view themselves as being what he called “above the law.”

The CNN host also made sure to opine that the country needs to start taking measures “for the greater good.” What’s scary is that Lemon is not an outlier in this view; this is the outlook that much of the Democrat Party shares. The CNN host is just the one saying it out loud this time.

It shouldn’t come as a shock, though. Ever since COVID began, leftists have been pushing the narrative that everyone should just shut up and do what the experts say without questions.

There are many issues with this outlook; however, the experts’ inability to keep their stories straight is the biggest problem with this outlook. Every few weeks, they have a new narrative.

Experts went from 15 days to slow the spread to advocating for unvaccinated Americans to be barred from domestic air travel. The same experts that Lemon and his ilk want people to follow without question are the ones who said vaccines would end the pandemic and erase the need for face coverings.

That hasn’t quite happened yet, even with vaccines and boosters on the market.

CNN’s fear of people thinking for themselves and daring to do their research makes both of these endeavors so much more critical. The reality is that a virus does not erase the freedoms and rights that every individual in this nation is entitled to.

Lemon’s view that everyone should just shut up and do what they’re told for the “greater good” is disturbingly in line with the ideologies espoused by Adolf Hitler.