CNN Misleads On Pushback To Fairfax County’s ‘Equity’ Push

The Fake News Media is at it again! A media segment aired Tuesday titled “Inside Politics” featured CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson dismissing concerns by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) over Fairfax County schools promoting equality of outcome among students via so-called ‘equity’ initiatives.

Henderson charged that Youngkin’s desire to stop the initiative represents a “maniacal focus on higher office” and is not based on a real issue.

Youngkin spoke on these equity initiatives with local ABC affiliate WJLA Monday, pointing out that schools in Virginia held merit scholarships from students and that leftist consultant organizations were paid nearly half a million dollars of taxpayer money to assist in the implementation of such ideologies.

The governor additionally argued this emphasis on equal outcomes “is hurting Virginia’s children.”

The organization Youngkin was referencing, Performance Fact, promised “equal outcomes” for every student in a leaked slide from a company presentation:

The Equity Imperative: Equitable Access, Equal Outcomes

Equitable access to resources and opportunities that guarantee fair, just, and affirming experiences and produce equal outcomes for every student, without exception

Given the discrimination some students were facing as a consequence of the far-left initiative, Youngkin directed Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyare to begin a civil rights investigation over the matter.

“I am stunned by news reports alleging that information about National Merit Awards, as determined by student PSAT scores, was withheld from students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology until after important deadlines for college scholarships had passed,” Youngkin wrote in a letter to Miyares earlier this month in which he referenced the investigation.