CNN Provides ‘Honest Coverage’ Of Biden’s Failed Presidency

The incompetence of Biden’s leadership is so deep-seated that the President’s top allies are washing their hands of him thoroughly.

Democrats running for governorships, Senate seats, and other public offices are creatively coming up with ways not to be publicly associated with the President. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is always flirting with the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2024.

Biden lost another critical ally due to his presidency in the left-leaning mainstream media. During the 2020 presidential election, the media did everything possible to cast Biden in a favorable light.

However, in the nearly 13 months that he’s been in the White House, even the media’s been forced to acknowledge all subsequent disasters candidly. In the wake of this, CNN has shined a light on the dismal nature of Biden’s leadership, per the Washington Free Beacon.

The country is not doing well with Biden in office. More than half of the country now disapproves of his management of COVID, the economy, crime, and a series of other important matters.

Additionally, CNN reporter Stephen Collinson provided a pretty accurate picture of what Biden’s leadership has spawned. Collinson noted that spending packages passed in 2021 hurt the President. He campaigned as a moderate Democrat but has been a radical since getting into office.

The CNN reporter likewise drew attention to the 56% of Americans who could not name something positive that Biden did since getting in the White House. Admittedly, one person said the only positive thing they could think of was that Biden isn’t Donald Trump.

All in all, Collinson stated that Americans’ overall dissatisfaction with Biden’s leadership and presidency doesn’t bode well for Democrats in the midterms.

While covering the Biden presidency, Collinson also noted that many of the issues Biden’s facing at this time are “self-inflicted.” It is very accurate. In fact, over months, there have been numerous polls showing the issues Americans have with Biden.

Meanwhile, the President’s been laughing off these polls, saying he doesn’t observe the data or take it seriously. On every mistake he’s made, Biden’s chosen to pass the buck and find excuses, rather than leading in a manner that’s befitting for a US President.

Biden and his handlers will have a tough time dismissing these reports from CNN. They’ll have an even more difficult time when Democrats lose the midterms, thereby forcing Biden to play nice with Republican lawmakers.