CNN Throws Biden To The Wolves

CNN is one of the most infamous defenders of the Democrat Party in American media. The openly leftist network routinely shares views and slants the news to make conservatives look as poorly as possible. 

In 2021, CNN doesn’t even pretend to be an unbiased media outlet. They are openly supportive of the political left, leftist ideologies, and the Democrat Party in general. Everyone attentive and honest with themselves is aware of this.

However, in the case of Joe Biden and the absolute mess of his presidency, even CNN can’t act as if all is well. A recent story from The Next News Network reveals that CNN acknowledges at least some of the issues associated with Biden and his administration. 

In a relatively recent poll, CNN draws attention to the reality that Biden is failing to divert attention to the issues of greatest importance to the American people. The CNN poll found that 58% of Americans harbor this perspective regarding Biden’s job performance. 

Additionally, 36% of Americans declared the economy is the most urgent matter the United States faces. As the country is well aware, Biden ignored the series of economic plights facing the nation. The White House keeps downplaying inflation by dismissing it as a “transitory” effect.

Now, Biden’s spent a heap of time on COVID with his illegal COVID vaccine mandates that face a halt from the Federal Appeals Court. However, only 20% of the country currently views COVID as the most pressing issue. Once again, Biden is failing to direct his focus on subjects the nation is most worried about.

More than 50% of the country also disapproves of Biden as President. It is in keeping with previous patterns demonstrated in surveys that showed Biden’s approval ratings getting lower and lower. 

Months ago, when the President first announced his tyrannical and unconstitutional medical edicts, Biden declared patience with unvaccinated folks was approaching its end.

As usual, though, the 46th president got it backward. The reality of the situation is Americans’ patience with Biden is running low. People are sick of paying more money in grocery stores and at gas pumps. 

Americans are tired of having Biden threaten their jobs and try to force a needle into their arms as an employment condition. It is why Virginia voters rejected Biden’s pleas for them to elect Terry McAuliffe as their governor. 

It’s also why voters will reject Democrat lawmakers in the 2022 midterms and dismiss the Biden administration from the White House come 2024.