CNN Under Fire For Mocking Working-Class Americans

Inflation and shortages are undeniable economic plights facing the United States. Both of these problems are also tied into supply chain bottlenecks, also strangling the nation. 

Americans across the country are dealing with the negative consequences of an economy that’s in chaos. These consequences often manifest in the form of people not being able to find necessary supplies. 

In other scenarios, when Americans can find things they need at grocery stores, they’re paying higher prices. It comes on top of increasingly expensive costs for gas. 

Now, polls as of late demonstrate the state of the economy is something many Americans are concerned about. However, CNN views this as a laughing matter. 

As documented by Fox News, CNN host Brian Stelter is now facing heat for mocking folks who vocalize their concerns about the supply chain and other economic problems. 

As a radically leftist network, being tone-deaf is par for the course with CNN. However, Stelter indeed took it to a new level when he posted a tweet of a fully-stocked aisle of milk and other liquids with a mocking caption. 

This caption essentially stated there’s an “amazing” and “overflowing” supply of groceries, despite all the talk about the supply chain crisis. Of course, Brian Stelter doesn’t realize that just because his grocery store is stocked doesn’t mean the supply chain crisis isn’t hitting other Americans. 

It did not take long for America to call out the CNN host. Many declared it was distasteful for Stelter to mock working people who are impacted by supply chain problems. Others pointed out that elites live in a bubble. Likewise, Americans didn’t hesitate to note that milk shipments tend to arrive locally rather than overseas. 

If there needed to be any more proof that Democrats are completely out of touch with the United States, this is it. Stelter’s silly post was also met with other people tweeting out images of grocery store shelves that were either bare or close to being empty. 

Democrats are out of touch with the issues facing the country, and it is why they will continue to lose elections. CNN is far from an outlier in this regard, either. Weeks ago, the chief of staff for the White House wrote off the supply chain as nothing more than “high class” issues. 

CNN can continue to mock working Americans if they want to. However, they should not be surprised as their ratings continue to fall and Republicans win elections across the United States.