CNN’s Dana Bash Suggests Abortion is Essential to Prevent Poor People from Having More Kids

While interviewing Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), CNN’s Dana Bash asked a question that perfectly demonstrates how dark the left’s abortion position truly is: Wouldn’t poor children be better off dead?

“Arkansas already struggles to support vulnerable children,” Bash said. “Nearly 1 in 4 children in Arkansas lives in poverty. More than 4,600 kids are already in your state’s overloaded foster care system. Do you really think that your state is prepared to protect and care for even more children if abortion does become illegal there?”

The true left-wing argument for abortion has always been this sinister, though they have usually managed to hide behind the simple phrase “my body, my choice.” But, when pushed, pro-abortion activists often make points like this, arguing that poor children and children in foster care would have been better off in the medical wastebasket at Planned Parenthood.

Though Bash tried to sound like she sincerely cared about children in poverty, her real point was that abortion is the solution to poverty. Obviously, in the minds of Democrats, poor children or children born into difficult circumstances are worth less than others, and therefore do not deserve a chance at life.

Clearly, to them, a life involving difficulty and struggle is not worth living. Instead of trying to solve the issue of poverty, remove the substantial red tape around adoption, and improve the foster care system, the Democrats’ solution is just simply to kill unborn babies in the womb.

There was swift backlash online for Bash’s comments, with critics calling her out for asserting that some children don’t deserve to live.

Zachary Faria, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, responded to the CNN host’s abhorrent remark, writing: “Bash and others resort to dark rhetoric about abortion and the poor because they want abortion to be seen as a numbers game, not a procedure designed to end human life.

They want to sanitize the issue as much as possible, trying to paint it as just another healthcare decision or something that is good for the economy. But what they are actually saying is that life is not worth living for some children. That grim worldview must not be accepted.”

One Twitter user replied to the clip of Bash’s comments, writing: “This line of reasoning in favor of abortion is literally just ‘we should kill the poor.’”

Tim Pool sarcastically replied: “why stop there? Why not require baby licenses and only those who can demonstrate proper wealth will be allowed to have kids[?] can’t have poor people having babies.”

Another Twitter user accused Bash of supporting eugenics, writing: “Seems like a very eugenicist take there . @DanaBashCNN – I feel like you should feel a great deal of shame and self-loathing for your rather disgusting argument.”