Comer: Oversight Committee Building ‘Case’ For Biden Family Subpoenas

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has announced that the committee is building a “case” to subpoena the Biden family that he believes is strong enough to win in court.

During a Thursday interview on Fox Business Network, Comer revealed that the Oversight Committee will be subpoenaing members of President Joe Biden’s family as part of their corruption investigation. However, he emphasized the fact that these subpoenas will likely be challenged in court, and thus the committee is making sure that they are building a case that will “win in court.”

“This was always gonna end with the Biden’s coming in front of the committee. We are going to subpoena the family,” Comer told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. “We are putting the case together to win in court,” he added. “Obviously with all the opposition and obstruction we are getting from the Biden attorneys now, we know that this is going to end up in court when we subpoena the Bidens.”

These potential subpoenas come as part of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the millions of dollars received by members of the Biden family from foreign nationals — money that appears to be part of a larger influence-peddling scheme that could lead to an impeachment inquiry into the president.

Thus far, the Republican-led committee has identified over $20 million in payments to Biden family members from foreign entities and individuals — originating from countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan. The money was reportedly transferred via a web of more than 20 companies.

The president has repeatedly insisted that he was not involved in his family’s business schemes, claiming on numerous occasions that he had not even spoken with his son, Hunter, about his foreign business deals. This claim was recently proven false in testimony from Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner, Devon Archer — who revealed that Joe Biden participated in at least 20 phone calls with Hunter’s business associates via speakerphone.

Despite this evidence, the president is still insisting that he was not involved with his son’s business dealings at all — even going so far as to snap at Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy for questioning him about the matter on Wednesday.

According to Comer, House investigators have “caught” the president in “so many lies” amid his continued denial.

“Bank records don’t lie,” Comer added, noting that the Oversight Committee plans to speak with three or four more Biden family associates about the issue before subpoenaing Biden family members.

“This is a complicated case, and we’re being obstructed every step of the way by the Department of Justice, by the FBI, by the Secret Service, by the IRS, and by the Biden family attorneys,” he continued. “But that’s not stopping us. We continue to produce evidence about every two weeks.”