Comer Reveals Biden Family Member That Received Chinese Money

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed that President Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, is the mysterious “new” Biden family member who received money from a Chinese energy company in 2017.

Comer reported that on March 1, 2017, two months after former Vice President Joe Biden left office, State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC China Energy, transferred $3 million to Rob Walker, a Biden family associate.

The following day, the company sent $1 million to a company associated with James Gilliar, another Biden family associate. Over three months, the Biden family received approximately $1 million in several bank accounts.

After receiving the money from State Energy HK Limited, Walker’s business account, Robinson Walker, LLC, began to send funds to the Biden family.

The recipients of the money included: Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and an unknown bank account named “Biden.”

The unknown “Biden” bank account received $70,000 from Robinson Walker, LLC.

According to Comer’s memorandum, Hallie received $25,000 from the account. The Biden family received $1 million from Robinson Walker, LLC. Gilliar’s company, European Energy and Infrastructure Group (EEIG), received the same payment amount as the Biden family.

Walker’s accounts reportedly made payments while Joe Biden was vice president of the U.S.

On Nov. 5, 2015, Robinson Walker, LLC, received a money transfer from an unidentified company with nearly $180,000 in its bank account.

The next day, Walker transferred $59,900 from his bank account to one of his checking accounts.

On Nov. 9, 2015, Walker used his checking account to send $59,900 to a bank account for “Robert Biden.” EEIG also received $59,900 from Walker’s bank account.

Hunter Biden’s legal team accused Comer of taking old information and trying to “make it new by wrapping it in a wild and baseless right-wing conspiracy theory.”

“Hunter Biden, a private citizen with every right to pursue his own business endeavors, joined several business partners in seeking a joint venture with a privately-owned, legitimate energy company in China,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of that joint venture, Hunter received his portion of good faith seed funds, which he shared with his uncle, James Biden, and Hallie Biden, with whom he was involved with at the time, and shared expenses,” the spokesperson added.

White House spokesman Ian Sams dismissed Comers’ claims and criticized him for going after Hallie Biden.

“After a disgusting attack lamenting that the President’s deceased son Beau was never prosecuted while he was alive, Congressman Comer has now decided to go after Beau’s widow…” Sams began.

“Instead of bizarrely attacking the President’s family, perhaps House Republicans should focus on working with the President to deliver results for American families on important priorities like lowering costs and strengthening health care,” he continued.

The American people deserve to know the details of the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.