Congressman: Inflation Reduction Act Subsidizes Chinese Slave Labor

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) made a startling accusation this week that is backed up by multiple reports. The so-called Inflation Reduction Act will help China get even more wealthy since solar panels are largely produced there — and the necessary minerals are mined by slave labor.

Speaking on “Fox Across America,” Donalds said Tuesday that the new law means more audits of poor Americans to subsidize solar panels for the wealthy. In turn, the funds help China and propel slave labor forward.

Solar panels, he notes, are largely the domain of the rich and upper-middle-class Americans. Now the federal government will subsidize them even more, and where will this money come from?

The IRS is about to be weaponized with tens of thousands of new agents armed with tens of billions of new dollars. The manpower and funding will enable the agency to squeeze every possible dollar out of hard-working Americans.

That money in turn will pay for the billions in subsidies for solar panels as well as a whole new wave of electric vehicles. And where do these solar panels originate? Mostly from China.

As do the minerals that go into these panels, and they are mined in large part by slave labor utilized by the communist government.

The measure, which no one in Congress and certainly not President Biden read in its entirety, is 730 pages of dense topics. Everything from tax increases and health care benefits that wait four years to begin are included in the monstrosity.

Of course, Democrats and the White House preferred to paint the bill with very broad strokes. Deficit reduction, climate change, health care reform, prescription prices and more made for enticing sound bites but very little substance.

Even Democrats acknowledge that the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act does nothing of the kind — at least not anywhere in the near future.

And you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who voted for it to admit that it will enrich China and pile even more of a burden on the country’s enslaved laborers. That’s not a sound bite that plays well before the midterms, so they continue the big lie about inflation reduction.