Conservative Actor John Voight Speaks Up For Trump Constitution

Hollywood is as bad an echo chamber as that one-party state, Silicon Valley. But not all actors are America-hating pinkos. Jon Voight spoke out over the weekend with some very encouraging things about Donald Trump and this country.

The Deliverance, Mission Impossible, and Pearl Harbor actor has a message of hope and fighting spirit for America during these days darkened by the most indecent and illegal intrusions of the Joe Biden administration.

As the totalitarian “papers please” mentality of vaccine mandates sweeps over the country through every jurisdiction controlled by Democrats, Voight said, “we will never allow this force of evil to knock down our Constitution, our God-given truths.”

Voight reminded us of what we all feel, that “we are all saddened by the unrighteousness that has doomed our nation,” and that “we’re all angry for this deceit that has taken our freedom, our children’s freedom.” We sure know we’ve been deceived.

It all started with the lie that lockdowns would only last for two weeks to flatten the curve. After that two weeks, the government continued pressing its illegal power over people, to shutter businesses, to harass churches, to interrupt family gatherings, and to drive all of us out of our ever-loving minds with resentment and fury at this authoritarian overreach.

The other lie was that lockdowns were a form of quarantine. At no time in history before 2020 was the word “quarantine” ever used to mean locking down the general population. It was always used to mean isolating infected and contagious individuals to protect the people.

Yet millions fluently began using the word the new way journalists and propagandists (ah, but I repeat myself) had taught them. When something like this happens, and you notice, what you’ve seen is mass repression leaving behind the clues to its existence and the existence of a mass hysteria whose premises the suppressed contents threaten.

They lied about vaccine mandates, saying they never would push for them, then only months after Democrats seized the White House, Joe Biden made for a nationwide vaccine mandate. They lied about masks. First, the Surgeon General said to stop buying masks because they don’t work. Then they required masks and said the first time they were lying to prevent a mask shortage at hospitals. These people are seriously unbelievable.

Voight admonished listeners of his weekend broadcast. And the actor urged listeners to attend Trump’s subsequent rally. In a recent 2024 election poll, Trump beat Biden.