Conservative Group Launches Spanish Campaign Targeting Arizona’s Hispanic Voters

The Job Creators Network (JCN) has rolled out a comprehensive Spanish-language advertising campaign in Arizona, targeting Hispanic voters and focusing on concerns surrounding inflation, reports the Daily Caller News Foundation.

This initiative is a key component of the newly formed Hispanic Vote Coalition and marks the beginning of a multi-phase, seven-figure effort set to continue until election day. JCN, known for advocating for small businesses, aims to capture the attention of voters by highlighting the escalating costs of essential goods such as food, gas, energy, and housing through rotating billboards in Phoenix. Simultaneously, radio ads aired on Spanish-language stations in the region stress issues like the economy, crime, and school choice as pivotal factors shaping voter decisions.

Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of JCN, emphasized the importance of engaging Hispanic voters, stating, “Hispanic Americans deserve an honest conversation about their positive economic impact and the adverse effects of Washington’s policies like inflation, high taxes, and overregulation on their families and businesses.”

Recent polling from the New York Times/Siena College indicates that a substantial portion of Hispanic voters in Arizona—25%—view the economy as the primary issue influencing their vote this November. Notably, the demographic displays a greater trust in former President Donald Trump’s handling of economic matters, with 60% favoring him over President Joe Biden, who receives 33% approval.

The Phoenix-based campaign, which commenced on Monday, is scheduled to run for a month. The billboards feature bold Spanish phrases such as “Hey Joe, Stop Dancing Around the Problem” and “Bidenomics Sucks!” The accompanying radio ads draw attention to the rising cost of living, citing a 20% increase in rent, a 30% surge in food prices, and a 40% spike in gas prices.

Moreover, the radio ads address concerns about growing crime rates and the impact on educational opportunities, urging voters to support the political party aligned with their values for a brighter future.

Presently, Trump holds a lead over Biden in Arizona by 5.2 points, according to the RealClearPolitics average. Additionally, he maintains leads in other battleground states, including Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. While Trump secured victory in Arizona by nearly four points in 2016, Biden narrowly won the swing state by less than one point in the subsequent election cycle.