Conservative Group ‘Welcomes’ Kamala Harris to New Hampshire With Blistering ‘Wrong Border’ Newspaper Ad

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Kamala Harris traveled to “hostile territory” in New Hampshire on Friday to shill for the “Biden-Harris,” so-called “infrastructure” plan, where she was promptly greeted by conservative protesters. Their principal target was not the “infrastructure” plan, but rather Harris’s refusal to travel to the southern border to address the Biden Border Crisis.

Given that Harris was deemed by Biden “the best person” to stem the flow of illegal aliens across the border, the Granite Staters figured she showed up at the wrong border.

As The New York Post reported, a handful of protesters held signs near Plymouth, NH, including one that read “Mexico —2,254 mi.” Another sign said, “Hey Kamala / Stop the illegal invasion / Go visit Mexico.” Yet another sign said, “Impeach Biden-Harris.”

A conservative PAC — Independent Leadership for New Hampshire — took it a bit further, as Breitbart reported, by placing the following ad in a local newspaper.

Anybody got a fire extinguisher?

Conservative commentator Daniel F. Baranowski correctly tweaked the message, a bit.

“t’s not just the wrong border, Kamala’s the wrong person to be VP!

She’s a Taker & a Faker, not a Fixer!

Amen, Mr. Baranowski, amen.

Patrick Hynes, whose organization is behind the ad, told NHJournal.

“We love it when national political figures visit the Granite State, of course.

“But Vice President Harris’s trip to New Hampshire is a true head-scratcher. It’s been a month since President Joe Biden tasked her with fixing the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.

“Yet, she refuses to visit the U.S.-Mexico border and barely even mentions it.”

The New Hampshire Republican Party sent out an email with a similar message, prior to Harris’s visit on Friday, as noted by NHJournal.

“This Friday, Kamala Harris is going to Concord, New Hampshire — 2,388 miles from our Southern Border in El Paso, Texas. Kamala Harris has completely abandoned our Southern Border as Biden’s Border Crisis grows.”

OK if I say, “Amen,” again? I just did.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, echoed Hynes in a statement to NHJournal.

“The vice president seems to be confused about which border is experiencing a crisis. Either that, or she’s going to New Hampshire in order to put herself as far as possible from the border disaster her boss created.”

Predictably — in predictable Democrat language — New Hampshire Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley dismissed Hynes and his PAC.

“Nobody takes anything the gadfly Hynes or his one-person PAC says seriously, and we’re certainly not going to start today.”

Who’s “nobody,” Ray?

Is “nobody” the people in towns along the border that are in crisis because of Biden? Is “nobody” local, county, or state officials who are either lied to or provided little information — if any at all — by the “Biden-Harris” machine?

I don’t know whether Patrick Hynes is a “gadfly,” or not, but I do know that the unnecessary crisis created on our southern border by Biden’s handlers — on purpose — is a national tragedy that, as of now, appears to have no end in sight.

I also know that “the most qualified person” to “fix” the border, to stem the flow of “irregular migrants” — whatever the hell that means — has shown zero interest in visiting the border she is charged with “fixing.”

Is that “serious,” you Democrat Party hack?

When asked about the ad, Harris simply laughed hysterically. [sarc]

President George H.W. Bush was ribbed back in the day for his “wouldn’t be prudent,” phrase. In the case of the current president and his trusty comrade—veep, heeding the correct admonishments in the ad? Wouldn’t be politically prudent.

Wouldn’t be politically expedient.

Let’s never forget, nothing comes between the Democrat Party and the voting booth. Rights give way to wrongs, morals give way to the immoral. And above all, hypocrisy reigns.

Nothing trumps political expediency in the calculating minds of the left.