Conservatives and Feminists Team Up to Fight the LGBT’s Child Sexualization Plan

You know we live in strange times when conservatives and radical feminists join forces to take on the same issue.

President Joe Biden is not stopping promoting radical agendas and his latest LGBT policy has conservatives and radical feminists joining forces to try and stop the indoctrination.

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) and the Family Policy Alliance (FPS) combined a statement on May 15, 2022, calling out Biden’s “gender-affirming” executive order.

This jaw-dropping order would create even more accessibility for children to change their gender and make it illegal to try and help kids get over gender dysphoria.

The Department of Health and Human Services will be responsible for fighting Republicans who seek to pass policies to limit child sexualization.

Radical hormone treatments and irreversible anatomy procedures are included under the umbrella of Biden’s gender-affirming care order. Sex changes and puberty blockers are on the table for minors without the ability for conversion therapy as an option.

WoLF and FPA stand together condemning the gender confusing orders that Biden and some liberals want to push on kids who have no life experience yet. The united groups claim that young girls can be pressured into sterilizing themselves by taking male hormones, an issue that would be life-altering.

“In one fell swoop, the man who holds the highest office in our nation labeled over half the country—including Democrat primary voters, Christian ministries, and radical feminists—as ‘bullies,'” the statement reads. “We’re ‘bullies’ simply because we believe Americans should have access to ethical mental healthcare, that girls’ sports should be reserved for girls, and that children should not be the guinea pigs in the political agenda behind gender theory.”

Biden and his leftist administration cannot and will not define the word “woman” meaning. Yet, they want to allow children to have a complete say in permanently altering their bodies.

“President Biden and his Administration won’t even define the word ‘woman,’ yet today they have no problem asserting a clinical treatment plan for Americans’ mental health challenges and using the weight of the presidency to sexualize children,” the statement continues.

WoLF self-describes themselves as radical progressive feminists. And the FPA is very pro-choice and highly conservative. If these two groups agreed to unite together, that should tell you just how horrendous Biden’s child sexualization order really is.