Conservatives Better Pounce On The Gift Dems Have Handed Them

If you want to read a stirring portrait of disillusioned Democrats and center-left progressives, try Angie Schmitt’s note published by The Atlantic Friday, “Why I soured on the Democrats.”

Schmitt wrote that before Dempanic 2020, she was such a hardcore Dem that she registered voters before midterm elections and “hated Donald Trump so much that I struggled to be civil to relatives on the side of the aisle.”

Her life in Cleveland, Ohio, was turned upside down by coronavirus hysteria. Remote-only learning was such a sudden and massive disruption in her life. With her two children at home, she could no longer work full time.

In addition to her lost earnings, she says her children suffered from all the disruptions of life under the new covid regime and the half-assed effort the community was putting into remote learning.

“The same thing was happening in other blue cities and blue states around the country, as children’s needs were simply swept aside,” wrote the mother of two, who were five and three at the time of the lockdowns.

She suspects, based on the unscientific basis for many of the lockdown era policies, that they were less about science or public health than they were about irrational cruelty for its own sake:

“The city of Cleveland went so far as to close playgrounds for a full year. That felt almost mean-spirited, especially given the evidence indicating a minimal risk of outdoor transmission.”

If true, it wouldn’t be the first time human beings, even entire groups of them, mobs of them, even entire national mobs of them, with all the organs of public communication and government working together, were cruel to others for cruelty’s sake.

But it also wouldn’t be the first time that CNN and Washington’s politicians joined hands to do a whole lot of worse than nothing in a costly and dangerous headlong frenzy, with no regard for common sense, good care, genuine reason, relevant facts, or even the foundational principles of journalism and law on which their entire industries and professions, and the very justification for their existence rest.

Not out of cruelty, but because of a rampant, persistent, system-wide failure at the level of the individual to think for themselves and put effort into thinking about what they are doing at work, and then put effort into doing it at least correctly, ideally better than their competitors.

Democrats failed so miserably at this after becoming complacent during the Obama years that they lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump and only won the 2020 election because they outnumber Republicans, not because their political culture is healthy, creative, intellectually curious, rationally critical, and offering some good ideas about government that most Americans can support or are at least happy to live with. More voters were allowed to mail in their ballots than ever before on the pretext of covid, while more than ever before, we’re sitting at home with nothing else to do since half the world was closed down, conveniently enough by the Democrats most of the way.

Though conservatives are understandably and correctly not feeling so good about the hostility level of the Democrat’s 2020 covid coup of this generation’s shared folkways and assumptions about society, as well as our nation’s most basic, shared, longstanding tenets of US law, they should not mistake the sour taste of the chaos coronavirus hysteria has wrought for any reasons not to seize the moment and the most plentiful and almost incredibly perfect opportunities nowhere to advance a simple and powerful conservative reform agenda to sort the government into its proper place in our world.