Is Kamala Harris Secretly Turning Against Biden?

Americans today are stuck living with the consequences of the Biden administration’s decisions. It is why resources and goods cost more and more money. It’s also why different cities across the United States are facing staffing shortages stemming from the president’s illegal COVID vaccine mandates. 

For the most part, the White House has undermined and downplayed the severity of what’s happening in America. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg falsely dismissed the supply chain problems as a consequence of Americans purchasing goods online. 

Biden recently dismissed inflation as something that can be easily solved by passing yet another spending bill. At this point, it is apparent the Biden administration remains out of its depth entirely. 

However, Vice President Kamala Harris made some interesting remarks, prompting the country to wonder whether she could secretly be turning on Biden, as Twitchy reports.

On Friday, Harris stood before the nation while delivering a speech. During her remarks, the vice president declared that gas, bread, and overall living costs are up to. According to the vice president, this calls for people to figure out this, as resources are spread thinner and thinner. 

Americans took to social media to share their views on this. Some folks noted that Harris was stating the obvious without offering any solutions. Other people pointed out that as vice president, Harris should be working with Biden to solve the issues of inflation and rising prices across the board. 

Harris, for her part, has thrown her weight behind Biden, literally working as his vice president. She’s also personally championed disastrous policies and medical mandates that only add to the current calamity in the United States. 

Unlike tens of millions of Americans who are suffering due to the policies of the Biden administration, Harris is in a direct position to fix things. However, she’s right there with the president, pushing horrible policies and then calling it “building back better.” 

There is a strong belief that Biden will ultimately fail to make it through his current term as the president. Some folks believe Biden will be ousted via the 25th Amendment. Others have cited impeachment or resignation as possible vehicles for Biden’s early departure. 

If this were to happen, then Harris would become the next president. Time will tell. However, these statements from the vice president on Friday certainly have the nation wondering if particular tricks are up to her sleeve.